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EHS Management Policy

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● Environmental protection, health and safety (EHS) is the foundation and core competitiveness of the company's survival and development. All business processes of the company must integrate EHS related requirements.

● The company establishes a complete, scientific and efficient EHS management system (EHSMS), and ensures the company's compliance in safety, health and environmental protection and the continuous improvement of EHS performance through internal and external audit.

● All employees are responsible for the safety, health and environmental protection of their business region and their own safety & health. All management posts are responsible for the safety, health and environmental protection of their business & region.


In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, we work closely with our stakeholders to achieve the following objectives:

The company avoids, prevents or minimizes the impact on the environment in business activities and product R & D, design, production, sales and disposal, and practices the concept of green and sustainable development.

Committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees and interested parties, eliminating major safety accidents and achieving the goal of "zero accidents".

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